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Our case came before the Planning and Environment Court on the 26th and 27th of November 2020.  The Judge has heard arguments from both sides and has now retired to consider his decision.  We do not have a time frame when a decision will be handed down nor any indication as to what the decision will be.  There are three possible outcomes:

  1. The Judge rules the Council has not properly evaluated the development application and orders it be returned to Council for further evaluation.

  2. The Judge rules the Council has not properly evaluated the development application but determines a review of the decision is not necessary.

  3. The Judge rules in favour of Council and Pacific Diamond 88

Friends of Buddina's expectation is that outcome number one will be the Judge's decision.  We will let you know as soon as we know.



On the 30th of April 2019, the Sunshine Coast Council approved the development of a  7 storey,  21 metre high-rise consisting of 73 apartments, a shop and 188 car parking spaces (MCU18/0190) on the corner of Pacific Boulevard and Talinga St. This is despite a petition to Council with more than 1,000 signatures requesting Council reject this development application.  

The residents of Buddina are concerned about: 

  • Protection for the loggerhead turtles that nest at Buddina

  • Increased high-rise development in a coastal erosion prone area

  • Increased traffic on local suburban streets

  • Overlooking of the primary school oval and pick up area 

  • Safe travel of students to and from the Buddina State School

  • The mass and density of the development relative to the surrounding residential houses

  • The streetscape, amenity and views of the street and from the beach


This high-rise, high-density development will replace 5 low rise residential houses, over 6 suburban lots. This development will tower over surrounding properties and is completely out of character with the Buddina area and severely impacts the lifestyle of all residents.  Friends of Buddina have expert legal advice that the approval of this development was unlawful. 


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So what's the problem?

Learn about the Issues

Interview by Robyn Cook January 2019

Impacts on Loggerhead Turtles


To put it simply - Turtles dig dark beaches.

Artificial light (both direct and sky glow), increased noise and human activity on the beach are known to deter turtles from nesting and disorientate the turtle hatchlings from reaching the ocean. 


Buddina beach provides one of the most important nesting habitats on the Sunshine Coast for the endangered loggerhead turtles, typically recording the highest number of confirmed nests.  

A 7 storey building will be seen for some distance from the beach. Any lights left on in units and on balconies will shine directly on the beach, deterring turtles from nesting and disorientating any hatchlings if nesting does manage to occur. Turtles are known to be impacted by lights for extensive distances.

Buddina Beach Turtles
Coastal erosion, climate change and sea level rise

The land proposed for this development has been identified by the State Government as an erosion prone area. It was also land that was impacted by cyclones in the 1970's. This resulted in Council considering options to buy back sections of beachfront land most at risk. This included the proposed site and could happen again.

We now know much more about climate change and predicted sea level rise than we did in the 1970's. The Sunshine Coast Council's planning scheme requires applications for development to consider the predicted effects of climate change and sea level rise, and specifically requires that development within an erosion prone area avoids: 

  1.       Intensification of existing uses;

  2.       New permanent built structures; and

  3.       Seaward extensions to existing built structures


The development will intensify the existing use by intensification of the existing footprint in excess of 1,000%; it includes new permanent built structures, and is situated seaward of existing built structures. 

 Impacts on local Traffic

Traffic volumes are high and delays are experienced on local roads around Kawana shopping centre, particularly during peak hours and school pick-up and drop-off times. 

Imagine if more of the beachfront was developed into high-rise. This development alone will increase the car usage from 5 households to that of 73 units (containing space for 188 cars) plus a shop.

School safety - Buddina State School

The development site is located opposite the Buddina State School. Many parents and students are concerned about safe travel to and from school as many walk, ride or scoot past this development site's proposed carpark entry every morning and afternoon. 

The development will also overlook the school oval and school pick up and drop off zone which is a concern for many in the school community.

Compliance with the Planning Scheme 

The Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme requires that development must not cause any unreasonable loss of amenity for surrounding premises. This includes overshadowing, privacy and overlooking and the building mass and scale relative to its surrounding. 

Friends of Buddina believes the mass and scale of this development far exceeds the planning scheme with regards to: 

  • site coverage

  • building length

  • boundary setbacks

  • View and streetscape from the beach

Community expectations

The Sunshine Coast Council approved this development application on the 30th April 2019 despite 84 formal submissions opposing the development and a petition with more than 1,000 signatures of residents requesting Councillors reject this application.

The community of Buddina's concerns with this development have been disregarded. Whether you live in this area or come here to bike ride, walk, or surf, the unique character of this area we all enjoy is about to change and many residents believe for the worst.

So where to from here?

Court Case

The court hearing occurred on November  26 and 27 November 2020.  We are now awaiting the Judges decision.  We have no time frame on when this will occur nor the likely decision. 

Changing the planning scheme

The Kawana town plan was amended in 2004 to allow for single residential blocks to be amalgamated to accommodate high-density, high-rise development on the Buddina beachfront in the Buddina Urban Village Precinct. However, since that time much has changed including the declaration of Buddina as an erosion prone area and recognising Buddina beach as a significant loggerhead turtle nesting beach. 

It is now appropriate that the Sunshine Coast Council take account of the issues raised by residents and reduce the allowable building heights and density. In March 2019 a petition with over 200 resident's signatures was lodged with the Sunshine Coast Council requesting these amendments be made to the Kawana Town Plan. This has so far been ignored.

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