Buddina Urban Village and the Kawana Waters Local Plan

Kawana Waters Local Plan

The Sunshine Coast planning scheme identifies the Kawana Waters area as having its own Local Plan which contains area plan development intentions for suburbs and precinct plans within the suburbs such as the Buddina Urban Village.  The planning scheme provides the various compliance codes which, together with  Height of Buildings and Structures Overlay Map, support the Local Plan - information to guide development.

Buddina Urban Village 

Devised in 2004, the Buddina Urban Village (KAW LPP-4) is now part of the Kawana Waters Local Plan and is made up of 3 sub-precincts as shown on the map to the right:

  • blue:      Urban Village Residential (KAW LPSP-4a);

  • pink:      Connecting Kawana Shopping centre to the beach (KAW LPSP-4b);

  • purple:  Tourist accommodation (KAW LPSP-4c).

Buddina Urban Village and its designated pedestrian way

This precinct covers the area east of Kawana Shoppingworld, extending to the Kawana SLSC at Buddina beach an area intended to provide a focal point for the community, incorporating cafes and shops along the planned, designated pedestrian way.  The Buddina Urban Village also provides higher density residential accommodation buildings and multiple dwellings with access to the beach via the designated pedestrian way, as shown on the map below: 

  • blue with dotted orange arrow:      designated pedestrian way


​Unfortunately, for reasons not disclosed by Council, the first development approved in the Buddina Urban Village disregarded the Local Plan specifying the designated pedestrian way.  That high-rise development was built over what should have been the pedestrian way link to the beach, eliminating the connectivity concept, a key element of the Buddina Urban Village.

Buddina Urban Village and designated development nodes
In the 2004 planning scheme change that established the Buddina Urban Village, provision was made for single residential blocks to be amalgamated into development nodes.  These development nodes were specifically identified in the local plan with provision that no residents were to be isolated (i.e. the nodes were not to be broken). This was to facilitate high-density, high-rise development on large amalgamated blocks only, as shown on the map below: 


  • grey outline:      boundaries - development nodes

  • red outline:        boundaries - Buddina Urban Village

Unfortunately, for reasons not disclosed by Council, the first development approved in the Buddina Urban Village disregarded the Local Plan and broke the designated development nodes, allowing the developer to isolate one residential property.

Get involved - what you can do?   HAVE YOUR SAY

Council have been considering submissions made by town planners and developers to remove the development nodes so that they can develop those blocks of land which owners are willing to sell.  Anyone not willing to sell will be isolated and surrounded by high-rise, IF the existing development nodes are not retained.


Email Council and simply say why the nodes should be retained – current owners rely on the protection in the local plan and do not want that protection removed; they do not want to be isolated. 

Email should be addressed to      mail@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au

Subject:  Retention of development nodes in the Kawana Waters local plan

1st line of your email:                    attention Strategic Planning Dept

Please enure your Name & Address are included to ensure your email is considered a valid submission

Buddina Urban Village  - height disparity in the north-east, how did this happen?

The Urban Village Residential sub-precinct (KAW LPSP-4a) has four components with building heights mapped as:

  • south-west @ 11m (modified to 12m);

  • south-east @ 11m (modified to 12m);

  • north-west @ 11m (modified to 12m);

  • north-east @ 21m

The disparity in the north-east component has not been explained by Council and appears to be the result of an inadvertent error made in transcription from 11 to 21m.  There is no “step-down” from 21m to 11m (now 12m) in the north-east development nodes which are adjacent to low-density residential zoning to the north.  Why?

Buddina Urban Village, the planning scheme and the erosion prone area

The 2004 planning scheme change that created the Buddina Urban Village disregarded the historical records of Council relating to cyclonic activity breaching the dunes along the north-eastern side of the precinct, the Beach Protection Authority's recommendation for resumption of the land and the resulting State government intervention in establishing a wider vegetation buffer from Warana south.    

The the Buddina Urban Village precinct with its higher density zoning was subsequently "grandfathered" into the 2014 Sunshine Coast planning scheme.

In 2015, the Queensland government declared the coastal erosion area along the Buddina beachfront which included the eastern residential land.  This erosion prone area is 175m wide from the highest tide line.

Buddina Urban Village Erosion Prone Area

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Coastal hazard history of Buddina - the facts

supported by the science with relevant references included

So where to from here?

Modifying the local plan - height and zoning in the erosion prone area

Since the Buddina Urban Village was established in 2004, much has changed including:

  • the State government declaration of an erosion prone area along the beachfront land on Pacific Boulevard Buddina;

  • Council's TurtleCare program was established and recognises Buddina beach as an important nesting habitat for endangered loggerhead turtles.

Friends of Buddina believe it is appropriate for the Sunshine Coast Regional Council to recognise and action the issues raised by residents and rectify the building height disparity in the north-east development nodes of the Village and reduce the risks associated with coastal hazards.  In March 2019 a petition with over 200 resident's signatures was lodged with Council requesting these amendments be made to the Kawana Waters Local Plan and overlay mapping: 

  • Consistency in maximum building height of 12m within the residential precinct (KAW LPSP-4a);

  • Re-zoning of the density, for the residential precinct (KAW LPSP-4a) to be no greater than medium density;

  • State Interests in endangered loggerhead turtles (MSES);

  • State Interests in Coastal hazards (climate change, cyclones, erosion, storm-tide inundation and risk) ;

  • Other relevant matters

Friends of Buddina believe the matter should be progressed to mitigate all coastal hazard risk and the environmental risk to the biodiversity.

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Buddina Beachfront residential - the future

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