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December 2022 Update (summary)

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Media Release:  October 28, 2022 (Click to view)

The Minister advised that all parts of the proposed amendment relating to the Buddina Urban Village are to be removed from the proposed site specific SC planning scheme amendments.

News Update:  October 25, 2021 (Click to view)

Legal challenge update - Judge Long delivered his decision on Friday 22 October 2021, 11 months after the hearing.

News Update:  April 2, 2021 (Click to view)

Buddina Community Meeting to be held on Wednesday 21 April 2021.  What is proposed for Buddina and our neighbours?  Let's discuss some current and emerging issues.... you may be surprised!

News Update:  December 31, 2020 (Click to view)

Legal challenge update - Judge Long told the court he would take time to review evidence and the law and deliver his decision at a later date.


Press Release:  October 16 2020 (Click to view)

Community Group, Friends of Buddina, continues its challenge in the Planning and Environment Court over the Buddina Beachfront development approval

Press Release:  August 23, 2020 (Click to view)

Friends of Buddina Ltd. Community Challenging Inappropriate Development


Media Story:  June 7, 2020 (Click to view)

Don't fear: Sekisui won't affect Buddina Beach Case

Media Story:  April 16, 2020 (Click to view)

High Rise Trial Could Set Precedent for Future Developments

Press Release:  November 11 2019 (Click to view)

Court Action by Friends of Buddina Ltd

News Update:  April 30, 2019 (Click to view)

Councillors Approve Talinga Street Devlopment 6 to 5 votes

News Update:  April 17, 2019 (Click to view)

Petition with 1,016 Signatures

Community Meeting 2019

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