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Buddina beach is one of the two most significant nesting beaches on the whole of the Sunshine Coast for the endangered loggerhead turtles.  In comparison to other beaches, Buddina is noted for its high numbers of nesting females, its high emergence success rates of hatchlings and its predominantly male hatchlings produced in the cooler temperatures of the white sandy beach.  These key aspects of the Buddina nesting habitat reflect the importance and contribution to the survival of the endangered loggerhead turtle.


Do you know these facts?

Dark undisturbed beaches

  • Marine turtles dig dark beaches;

  • Scientific research confirms artificial light at night (both direct and sky glow) deters nesting turtles and disorientates hatchlings which are then unable to find the sea or successfully disperse to the open ocean;

  • Development and the associated artificial light at night is a major threat to the survival of marine turtles.

Sex determination

  • Sex determination is by temperature (within the survival range) and higher sand temperatures produce females whilst cooler sand temperatures produce males;

  • Buddina beach with its cool white sand produces dominantly male hatchlings and lower percentages of female hatchlings.

Changes in climate and increasing sand temperatures

  • Rising sand temperatures increase the percentages of females produced, which is likely to result in the feminisation of the already endangered population;

  • Rising sand temperatures at northern rookeries (e.g. Mon Repos) result in lower emergence success rates when the sand temperatures exceed the tolerable limit for hatchling survival in the nest , i.e. increasing mortality rates of  developing clutches;

  • Rising sand temperatures at Sunshine Coast beaches will change the mix of females and males produced and to a much lesser extent, potentially impact the emergence success rates;

  • Sunshine Coast beaches have been identified as a refuge for the endangered loggerhead turtles.

So why is Buddina an important nesting beach - why should it be protected?

  • 25% of all Sunshine Coast recorded loggerhead nests are laid on Buddina Beach;

  • Buddina is the prime nesting beach on the Sunshine Coast and produces predominantly male hatchlings;

  • Without the nesting beaches that produce sufficient male hatchlings, the population may become feminised -  survival requires both males and females.

Buddina's endangered loggerhead turtles
20200112 IMG_5141 Emily Gregory CREDIT 0

20200112 IMG_5141 Emily Gregory CREDIT 0

Turtle leaving (1)

Turtle leaving (1)

20210105_050502 BA199 tracks and nest si

20210105_050502 BA199 tracks and nest si

social distancing

social distancing

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20200112 IMG_5142 Emily Gregory CREDIT 0

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