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Buddina Urban Village


Buddina Urban Village Sub-Precincts a b
Local Planning Code (Kawana Waters)

The Kawana Waters local plan code includes the Buddina Urban Village referred to as Precinct KAW LPP-4.  This precinct is made up of 3 Sub-precincts:

  • KAW LPSP-4a, Urban Village Residential

  • KAW LPSP-4b Connecting Kawana Shopping centre to the beach

  • KAW LPSP-4c Tourist accommodation


The Buddina Urban Village sub-precinct KAW LPSP-4a (Residential) has four components:

  • south-west @ 11m (modified to 12m)

  • south-east @ 11m (modified to 12m)

  • north-west @ 11m (modified to 12m)

  • north-east @ 21m 


The disparity in the north-east component has not been explained by Council and appears to be an inadvertent error in transcription from 11 to 21m, given this component is adjacent to the 21m tourist sub-precinct KAW LPSP-4c on the southern boundary.  There was no “step-down” from 21m to 11m (now 12m) in this north-east component adjacent to the residential zoning on the northern boundary.

Rezoning and Height Consistency

Our Community PETITION for re-zoning and height consistency of LPSP-4a (Residential) was lodged with Council and presented at the March 2019 Meeting. Our petition included 228 original signatures.


Our March 2019 petition request for changes to the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014, relating to the Buddina Urban Village sub-precinct KAW LPSP-4a included:

  • Re-zoning to density, no greater than medium density residential zone;

  • Consistency in maximum building height of 12 metres;

  • State Interests in Endangered loggerhead turtles;

  • State Interests in Coastal hazards;

  • Other relevant matters

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