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Our story

Friends of Buddina is a not-for-profit community group run by volunteers.  Local residents formed the group in 2019 with the aim of SHARING INFORMATION about social, economic, environmental and land use development issues that impact on residents, visitors and neighbouring communities.


Buddina is a coastal residential community that values its natural assets and casual beach lifestyle.  It is home to approximately 4250 residents and many species of wildlife.  The Buddina foreshore provides significant nesting habitat for the endangered loggerhead turtle. Buddina maintains a unique and fragile balance between nature, its biodiversity, known coastal hazards and mankind – a balance that we feel needs to be protected. 


Retention of the existing character, amenity and lifestyle is also a key community consideration in balancing future urban development that ought to be environmentally and socially sustainable. 


Our group advocates on matters of community concern impacting directly and indirectly this balance.  

Together we can make a difference! 



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Friends of Buddina Constitution and Committee

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Our Constitution identifies

"The company’s object is to pursue the following charitable purposes:

  1. Advocate on land use planning to ensure there is ecologically sustainable development that avoids inappropriate development in areas of conservation value at Buddina and adjoining coastal beaches.

  2. Monitor planning issues relating to medium and high-density development applications that are submitted to Council and make submissions on any applications likely to have significant impacts on the natural environment at Buddina beach on the Sunshine Coast.

  3. Encourage community engagement about social, economic, environmental outcomes of land use development issues impacting the natural assets at Buddina and adjoining coastal beaches.

  4. Work to protect the ecosystems and biodiversity of Buddina from the negative impacts of intensification of land use development and other issues caused by population growth along the coastal corridor.

  5. Advocate on issues, such as the protection of the endangered Loggerhead turtle and protection of nesting habitat along Buddina and adjoining beaches. "


Lesley Wilson

Kate Harvey

Gaye Hoole

Sarah Wilson



Lesley Dimmock

Registered Address:

60 Pacific Blvd

Buddina Qld 4575



If you are interested in becoming a member, please email us to obtain a membership application form or go to our Membership page and download the form (click here)

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