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Friends of Buddina Ltd are committed to SHARING INFORMATION about our environment, proposed beachside developments and the social impact on Buddina residents, visitors and neighbouring communities.

Community consultation that is respected, considered and acted upon is fundamental to achieving transparency and open communication. Community consultation should apply to all future development projects at Buddina; residents should be invited to “have your say”.

Retention of the existing character and amenity of our residential beachside suburb on the Sunshine Coast is a community consideration for future urban development that is environmentally and socially sustainable.


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November, 2019

Court action by Friends of Buddina Ltd

The controversial development proposal for a 7 storey high-rise, high-density development at Buddina was approved by Council, initially in April 2019 and subsequently modified in September 2019.  The site is located 100% in a State declared erosion prone area and only 30 metres from the beach which provides the most significant nesting habitat on the Sunshine Coast for endangered loggerheads.  

On the basis of expert legal advice, Friends of Buddina Ltd applied to the Planning and Environment Court Maroochydore in November 2019 for:-

1.            A Declaration that Council’s Approval is invalid, and of no legal effect; and

2.            An Order that the Decision be set aside; and the Development Application MCU18/0190 be referred back to Council to reconsider according to law.

As a code assessed development, the community have no right of objection or standing that would give a Right to Appeal.  HOWEVER, when legal or jurisdictional errors are made, an application to the Court can be made and this is the approach we have undertaken.  Our current Court Application is based on “errors of law”, and or, “failure to follow due process”.  This matter was mentioned in court at Maroochydore in late November 2019 and a Review date was set for late February 2020.

As we approach the Court Review Date, fund-raising to support this legal challenge on behalf of our Community continues to be  priority for Friends of Buddina.  Keep in contact with the fund-raising team via our Facebook page or directly by email to:

21 May, 2019

Community Meeting, post approval

Our Community decided unanimously tonight - the approval of MCU18/0190 on 30 April will NOT go unchallenged. The process starts now with an initial fund-raising campaign to cover our legal costs. We need to raise funds to overturn the decision of the Sunshine Coast Council to approve, a contentious 7 storey, 21 metre high-rise complex - the Talinga St development.

Our Appeal rights under the Planning Act 2016 & the Planning Regulation 2017 are outlined on pages 25 & 26 of the Approved Decision Notice (see RESOURCES SECTION)

13 Feb, 2019

First Community Meeting

Our first Community meeting was held at the Buddina State School hosted by the Friends of Buddina.

Information was presented in relation to the development application MCU18/0190 currently before the Sunshine Coast Council for a 7 story, 21m high-rise development situated at 84 and 85 Pacific Boulevard, 2 and 6 Talinga Street, and 61 and 63 Iluka Avenue, Buddina - the Talinga St development.

 17 April, 2019

Petition with 1,016 Signatures

Our petition with 1,016 original signatures requesting Council to reject the 7 storey, 21m high-rise proposal was lodged today at the Nambour Chambers. The sentiment against this development goes further than our immediate Buddina Community and includes others who visit, walk, swim, surf, volunteer, educate their children here and who appreciate the character, amenity and the importance to protect the Buddina turtle nesting habitat.

30 April, 2019

Councillors approve Talinga St. development 6 to 5 votes

At the Council meeting today, 6 voted for the Developers: Cr Dwyer, Cr Cox, Cr Dickson, Cr Robinson & Cr O'Pray plus Mayor Jamieson. 5 Councillors voted for the Community and the Turtles, thank you Cr McKay, Cr Rogerson, Cr Hungerford, Cr Baberoski & Cr Connolly who also "called up" the development.

Planning staff recommended 74 Conditions be applied to the development which were accepted by the 6 Councillors approving the development.  These conditions represent an attempt to comply with performance benchmarks and acceptable outcomes when aspects of the development application are clearly in conflict in the Planning Scheme codes.

Despite serious concerns, a 1,000 signature petition and a development that did not fully comply with the development code.  These are the 6 Councillors that voted for the development:

Mayor Mark Jameison

Dep. Mayor Tim Dwyer

Cr Peter Cox

Cr Steve Robinson

Cr Christian Dixon

Cr Jason O'Pray

 13 March, 2019

Petition with 228 Signatures

Our petition with 228 original signatures requesting Council to rezone the density, and modify an inconsistency in maximum building height to 12 metres was lodged today at the Nambour Chambers.  These changes were to the Buddina Urban Village Residential sub-precinct (KAW LPSP-4a)

The Site Plan Area
SCRC Planning Lots screenshot.png


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