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Friends of Buddina Ltd is a "Not for Profit" Community Group run by volunteers.  It was established in 2019 with the aim of looking out for the residents of Buddina (human and wildlife) and preserving the lifestyle we all enjoy today for future generations. 


Friends of Buddina is committed to sharing information, and taking action where needed, with regard to future developments in the area and their impact on our current lifestyle and natural environment.  

At Friends of Buddina, we believe Community consultation should apply to all future development projects and residents should be invited to “have their say”.  Community consultation that is respectful, transparent, considered and acted upon is fundamental to protecting the natural assets we currently enjoy.

Retention of the area's existing character and the amenity of our residential beachside suburb on the Sunshine Coast is our number 1 priority.  To achieve this we believe all  future urban development must be in keeping with the character of the area and be environmentally and socially sustainable.  We are prepared to be the Community's voice when it comes to dealing with developers, Council, State and Federal Government and their agencies.


It is for this reason we have instigated legal action against the approval of a 7 story highrise, right on the beach front on the corner of Talinga St and Pacific Boulevard, Buddina.   We need your help to fund this action now.  



 Together we can make a difference!

Latest News

Press Release June 2nd 2020


Friends of Buddina Ltd Disappointed but not Fazed by Sekisui Decision
• The “Not for Profit” community group “Friends of Buddina Ltd” says the Sekisui court decision handed down on May 25th will not impact their court case against Council’s approval of a 7 story, 21m, high rise development on the corner of Talinga St and Pacific Boulevard in Buddina. 

• FOB strongly supported the “Friends of Yaroomba” in the appeal by Development Watch Inc and Sunshine Coast Environment Council against the Sunshine Coast Council and Sekisui House and are disappointed by the court ruling  

• FOB have lodged documents in the Planning and Environment Court Maroochydore and anticipate the Court to hear their case in late 2020. Their barrister will argue some of the conditions included in the approval of the Buddina High Rise development were unlawful. 

The Not for Profit community group Friends of Buddina Ltd have said the Sekisui Court ruling handed down last week will not impact their court case against The Sunshine Coast Council and Developer, Pacific Diamond 88, because the two cases are significantly different. 

FOB spokesperson said: 

“Whilst the impacts from the developments to the two beach side communities are similar, the legal processes of the two cases are very different and therefore one does not impact the other.  The Sekisui case was “an appeal case” seeking to completely overturn the development approval, whilst our case is “a judicial review” challenging the lawfulness of the conditions contained within the approval and will hopefully result in the application being returned to the New Sunshine Coast Council for further consideration.” 

The Sekisui development application was lodged to Council as “Impact Assessable” with appeal rights.  This meant residents could challenge the approval decision in the Planning and Environment Court based on its merits and therefore attempt to have it overturned.   The Buddina Development was lodged as “Code Assessable” which meant residents did not have the same opportunity to challenge the decision.  The Buddina court challenge is based on the lawfulness of the conditions imposed with the approval.  If the Court finds in favour of Friends of Buddina then the approval will not be overturned but sent back to Council for further consideration. 

FOB Spokesperson said: 

“In order to try and make this development comply with the Planning Scheme, Council had to include 74 conditions, some with up to 20 sub conditions, with the approval, thereby trying to condition it into compliance.  It is the lawfulness of these conditions we are challenging.” 

Friends of Buddina none the less has been following closely the Sekisui House case and are disheartened the court chose not to find in favour of the residents. 

“Our hearts go out to the people who worked so hard to stop this massive overdevelopment that is so far out of character with what is currently there and threatens to destroy the lifestyle of so many. We know why they fought so hard.  What we have is unique and we do not want to lose it” 

The Buddina Development was approved by the Sunshine Coast Council a year ago but has not commenced due to the pending legal challenge.  It is a 7 storey,  21 metre high-rise consisting of 73 apartments, a shop and 188 car parking spaces (MCU18/0190) on the corner of Pacific Boulevard and Talinga St., Buddina.  Pacific Diamond 88 from Sydney are the Developers.   Friends of Buddina believe the development is completely out of character with the Buddina area and will severely impact the amenity of all residents.  It is located within an existing low-rise residential area, located on the primary dune adjacent to the beachfront, directly overlooks the Buddina State School and threatens the nesting habitat of the endangered loggerhead turtles that nest on the Buddina beach front.  In addition the development is 100% within a coastal erosion prone area (State Declared).  
Friends of Buddina have expert legal advice that the approval of this development was unlawful and are therefore currently challenging it in the Maroochydore Planning and Environment Court.  They have lodged documents already.  A firm court date is yet to be set. It is anticipated it will be in late 2020.   Friends of Buddina have been fund raising to pay for this legal challenge.   

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